Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nursing Faculty Jobs - What is a Nurse Educator?

A nurse who chooses to be an instructor in a nursing department in any college or university is referred to as a nursing teacher. Since he will teach the student about what he had learned an experienced as a nurse, he is also called a teacher or a mentor.

The nurse educator will teach in the classroom and in the hospital. However, since anyone can also study nursing online, the nurse educator can also teach in an online setting. Actually, he may also join any research projects.

For the educational requirements, it may be different according to the degree level. Those who want to teach LPN or LVN program should have a BSN degree or more. You can also teach RN programs if you are a master degree holder or if not, you have lots of experience and you are competent to be a mentor. Attain a master's degree program or more if you want to teach in master's program. A specialized nursing education to get nursing faculty jobs is also offered in some colleges and universities.

Because there is an increased in elderly, lots of countries need more nurses, especially the US. However, nurse educators are also in demand because they will teach new nurses to meet the demands. Because of this, universities and colleges need to increase their enrollment and their nursing faculty staff just to cater all the students. For those who are nurses nowadays, this is a perfect time to study master's degree or healthcare education.

A nurse educator should have five qualities in order for him to be competent.

One quality that you need is to be passionate when teaching so that you will be good at what you are doing. It only takes a passionate teacher for one to become successful in rendering good information to the students.

You should also be patient enough to discipline your students. Any differences between you and your students will be resolved properly if you are patient enough.

You must be a role model in the eyes of your students. Most of the time, you need to tell your students your personal experiences apart from the theory and other skills. Hence, good communication skills is also needed  to get a nursing faculty job.

It is necessary to always reflect of what you have done and how you have handled your class. In this way, you will know your mistakes which will help you enhance the way you teach your students.

It does not mean that you are an educator, you will stop learning and improving. Because of this, you must be dedicated to always learn what's new in the nursing field.

These five qualities will make you a good educator that will change the lives of your students.
Lastly, you should find out the different ways to be a good educator. The way you have taught your students will reflect on how they take care of their patients.

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